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Welcome to The Wolanchuk Report

What is a Wolanchuk Report?

The Wolanchuk Report is a telephone hotline service that provides a compendium of various market opinions from the finest minds in the business. There are many Elliot Wave "experts", but only one "authority" with the record of performance to prove it!

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Why should I trust Don Wolanchuk?

Don Wolanchuk has established himself to be the top Market Timer in the country. Over the last twenty five years Don has received top awards from Timer Digest's yearly ranking of the 100 leading Market Timers in the United States.

Since 1989, Don has received Timer Digest's top awards seventeen times. These awards include Stock, Bond, and Gold Timer of the Year, as well as Long Term (covering two years) and Market Timer of the Year. In fact, Don Wolanchuk has completely dominated the awards over the last number of years earning Timer Digest Timer of the Year awards in various categories in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996,1997,1998,1999, and up to Oct. 30th 2000.

Don believes it is vital both to his clients and to maintain his outstanding track record, for him to be able to issue timing signals as only the market dictates. Timer Digest has informed the Wolanchuk Report that they will only rank timers that use intermediate (every three to six months) and long term (every six months to one year) signals.

Since issuing timing signals when the market changes is inconsistent with their current practice the Wolanchuk report will no longer be allowed to participate in the Timer Digest's yearly ranking. Consequently, Timer Digest can no longer truly assert its claim to monitor and rank the nations leading market timers.

Comments about Don Wolanchuk:

".... who I consider to be one of the greatest technicians in the world." 
- Joe - Granville Market Letter 

". . . you seem to have a real feel for the markets and I think it's something you were born with." 
- Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters 

". . . one of the greatest market seers ever." 
- Stephen Gandel - Individual Investor Magazine 

". . . his service has the best record . . ." 
- Ken Kurson - Esquire Magazine 

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The year end results for the "Wolanchuk report" over the years are presented here.

Timer Digest Awards
1989 Bond Timer of the Year 1996 Long Term Timer of the Year
1990 Stock Timer of the Year 1997 Market Timer of the Year
1990 Long Term Timer of the Year 1997 Long Term Timer of the Year
1991 Long Term Timer of the Year 1998 Bond Timer of the Year
1993 Gold Timer of the Year 1999 Long Term Timer of the Year
1995 Bond Timer of the Year 1999 Gold Timer of the Year
1995 Market Timer of the Year 1999 Market Timer of the Year
1995 Gold Timer of the Year 2000 Oct 30th #1 Ranked Gold Timer
1995 Long Term Timer of the Year 2000 Oct 30th #1 Rated Long Term Timer
1996 Market Timer of the Year
Timer Digest Awards issued by Timer Digest, Greenwich CT

(Past performance is no guarantee of future results but we know of no other way to judge a service's performance.)

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