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Wolanchuk Hotline Information

To subscribe Call 1-586-781-6356

You can access our service at the rate of $2.75 per call debiting your Visa or MasterCard 
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Call 1-586-781-6356 for information on our straight fee service.

The following menu lists 3 sections which are contained in our Hotline service.  After accessing the Hotline you may go to the section of your choice.

Hotline Menu(all times are Eastern Standard/Daylight Time)
Don Wolanchuk with updates every 30 minutes beginning 7:00 a.m., EST weekdays, Providing current market information, trading positions in bonds, metals, currencies, and stock index futures. Fund traders, the final call of the day is 3:30 p.m., EST.
Don Wolanchuk's equity portfolio.  Updated daily.
Don Wolanchuk's market opinion and commentary.  Includes a report on all trading positions currently held.  Updated daily at midnight, EST, from Sunday to Thursday, and again Saturday at midnight, EST.